Undergraduate Housing Welcome Guide - Page 5

Preventing bedbugs Cases of bedbugs are rare at the UW. Here are the ways you can prevent their appearance and spread. Obtain personal property insurance You are encouraged to insure your personal belongings. Check with your family’s insurance policy to see if your possessions are covered under that policy or if you can get renters insurance added. If not, you may wish to purchase insurance offered to UW students by an independent company. Dining options Ensure that you have chosen a Dining Level that meets your needs. Review information about the Dining Account and review the Dining Level Guide. You may change your Dining Level through the day before move-in for each quarter according to the following schedule: • After you are assigned, you may change to a higher level at any time; you will receive the incentive for that quarter when you make the change. • You may change to a lower dining account level for an upcoming quarter by making your request before the change deadlines shown: Fall quarter by September 1, 2016 Winter quarter by December 1, 2016 Spring quarter by March 1, 2017 Starting this fall, with a Level 1-6 dining account, you will be eligible to receive a free drink each time you visit the residential dining areas, Local Point and The 8, offering a significant savings to overall meal costs. You’ll also receive 10 percent off the purchase of a Husky Meal at Local Point and The 8. The new Husky Meal provides a well-rounded lunch or dinner at a residents-only discount to maximize your dining dollars. How to add funds to your Husky Card Account Online Use your credit card (Visa or Mastercard) to add funds In person with cash Use the Card System Value Terminals in the Allen Library, Odegaard Undergraduate Library and Health Sciences Library In person with cash or check Husky Card Account & ID Center (ground floor of Odegaard Undergraduate Library) Residence hall front desks Husky Card information UW students are issued an identification card (Husky Card) that has many uses including building access and library privileges. It is also the card you use to access your Dining Account funds. If you don’t get your Husky Card during your Advising & Orientation Session, you will need to get it from the Husky Card Account & ID Center during regular business hours. A separate account, called the Husky Card Account, will have a $36 balance when you move in, which is automatically renewed at the beginning of each quarter. You, your parents, or anyone who knows your student number may add money to your Husky Card Account at any time. Money in this account may be used in the residence hall laundry facilities (except 2104 House), at the University Book Store, for on-campus parking, and as a backup for you in case you run out of Dining Account funds. The Husky Card Account funds do not expire and are fully refundable upon request. Note: When you make purchases at on-campus food venues, funds will be drawn from your Dining Account until it is empty, then they will be drawn from your Husky Card Account. Difference between the Dining Account and Husky Card Account Dining Account Husky Card Account Use it in HFS restaurants, cafés, express markets and most campus vending machines Use it for campus services including laundry machines, parking, copy services and the University Book Store. If your Dining Account funds are exhausted, you may use it in HFS restaurants, etc. Current locations accepting the Husky Card Account. Go to the Online Card Office to deposit funds, suspend your account, check your balance or view recent transactions. www.hfs.washington.edu 5