Undergraduate Housing Welcome Guide - Page 11

When you arrive Œ Have your student ID ready Your UW student ID card (Husky Card) allows you access to your residence hall and dining facilities, and you will be asked to present it at checkin. You will be able to check in by showing another form of photo ID; however, the Husky Card is your key card for access to your residence hall. If you don’t receive your card before you move in, you will need to obtain one from the Husky Card Account & ID Center, located on the ground floor of Odegaard Undergraduate Library. Office hours are Monday– Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.  You will receive your keys When you arrive at your community to check in, you will be asked to present your Husky Card or other form of photo ID. After your identity and assignment information have been confirmed, you will be given your room and mailbox keys. You may then begin moving in to your room. Hook up your TV to satellite (optional) HuskyTV is a satellite package arranged through the UW. If you have a cable-ready TV, all you need is a coaxial cable to hook up to your HuskyTV lineup. You must also program your TV to receive the cable signal. If you have any problems with access, please call the Facilities Services and Planning Office at 206-543-4017. Download the Pac-12 Now app (optional) View live events featuring UW coverage in football, men’s and women’s basketball and Olympic sports on the Pac-12 Network. For FREE access, follow these simple steps: 1. Download the Pac-12 Now app or go to Pac-12.com/Now 2. Select UW HuskyTV as your TV provider 3. Enter your UW NetID and password, follow the instructions, and enjoy! Ž Red emergency backpack We give you an emergency kit—a red emergency backpack—at the beginning of your first year in the residence halls. This comprehensive kit includes water, food rations and other emergency supplies. The contents will remain viable for several years. If you have lived on campus in the past, pleas e bring your kit when you return to campus. Please keep your emergency kit for as long as you live with us.  Room/Apartment Condition Report (RCR) You should inspect your room/apartment/cluster upon arrival and use the RCR found in your room to note any existing damage to furniture, surfaces and fixtures, or items missing from your room, apartment or cluster. Return your RCR to your RA or your Residential Life Office. When you vacate, housing staff will use the report to determine if there are additional damages or missing items. Any damages or missing items not declared on the report will be your responsibility and will be charged to your account when you vacate. OTHER THINGS YOU CAN DO Hook up your computer (optional) Students receive a UW NetID, which is necessary to set up a UW email account. Personal computers connected to the UW network must be kept free of viruses, use firewalls and be patched with updated software. Compromised or infected computers will be denied network access. If you have any problems with access, call the UW IT Service Center at 206-221-5000 or email help@u. washington.edu. www.hfs.washington.edu 11