UnCommon Gospel August 2014 - Page 18

18 Hersey L. Coles Our UnCommon Host, Elder Hersey Lee Coles is not only charismatic and very well versed when it comes to interviewing, he is also a Songwriter & Producer a 'Prophetic Minstrel" & Gospel Recording Artist in his own right. Elder Coles is the founder of 1 Accord Ministries & has appeared on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) & The Gospel Of Jeff Majors Show. With his ground breaking project ‘Broken The Continuation” sending waves through out the world, with his hit song ‘Oh” & Body Was Broken, being played in National Radio Venues. Elder Hersey is back at work preparing for his Sophomore Project. Elder Hersey has submitted and dedicated his life to God & his family. He has learned and truly believes that the best way to minister is out of relationship. “As I relate to the Father and He ministers to me, I can minister to others. As God speaks to me, I can speak to others, and as God sings to and through me, I can sing to others.”