Un|Fixed Homeland, Aljira Center for Contemporary Art, 2016 Catalog: Un|Fixed Homeland - Page 76

Press Reviews & List Artist Biographies “A particular strength of the show is how it manages this deep dive into Guyanese lives while also offering points of entry for visitors of any origin…The show’s total effect is cosmopolitan and particular, a bridge slung in either direction as needed.” —Siddhartha Mitter, “A Guyanese Art Show Explores Images of Migration and Home-Making,” The Village Voice, July 28, 2016. “Guyana celebrated its 50th anniversary of independence this year, so it makes sense to assemble this show now. It’s additionally timely because the issues examined here—of nativism, political and ethnic identity, global travel and its relationship to authenticity—are present in our current collective consciousness. Un | Fixed Homeland works through these concepts using the specifics of Guyana, but it also raises broader questions about migration: “How did you make it here?” “How do you hold onto one place while experiencing another?” Its artists offer up a chorus of answers.” —Seph Rodney, “Gathering the Work of Guyanese Artists Far from Home,” Hyperallergic, September 14, 2016. www.spaceshipgeorge.com Harvard’s Transition Magazine, “Artists Explore the Guyanese Experience of Migration,” by Grace Aneiza Ali, Fall 2016, Issue #121. Ragazine, “Un | Fixed Homeland: How Art Makes Me Want to be a Guyana Girl Again,” by Celeste Hamilton Dennis, November 1, 2016. The Daily Meal, “Un | Fixed Homeland: A Night of Guyanese Art and Inspired Cuisine in Newark’s Aljira,” September 23, 2016. Hyperallergic, “Gathering the Work of Guyanese Artists Far From Home,” by Seph Rodney, September 14, 2016. Voices of NY, “How Thirteen Artists See Guyana,” by Melis