Un|Fixed Homeland, Aljira Center for Contemporary Art, 2016 Catalog: Un|Fixed Homeland - Page 6

Artists in the Exhibition Un | Fixed Homeland brings together an inter-generational roster of thirteen emerging and established artists of Guyanese heritage who, via photography and photography-based art, explore their intimate relationship to the experience of migration and homeland. These artists examine how a “homeland” can be both fixed and unfixed, a constantly shifting idea and memory, and a physical place and a psychic space. Their roots in Guyana and where they now call home reflect the reality of the country’s diaspora; these are artists working in Guyana, as well as in five metropolitan cities—Boston, Los Angeles, New York, London, and Toronto. While the exhibition’s title reflects the emergence of the Caribbean diaspora in these global metropolises, Un | Fixed Homeland is steeped in a larger conversation—what is perhaps the defining global movement of our 21st century—migration. Kwesi Abbensetts Khadija Benn Frank Bowling Sandra Brewster Erika DeFreitas Marlon Forrester Roshini Kempadoo Michael C. Lam Donald Locke Hew Locke Maya Mackrandilal Karran Sahadeo Keisha Scarville 6 7