Ultimate Wedding Inspirations Volume No. 2 - Page 68

We “pit cook” Pork BBQ, Smoked Sausage, Smoked Turkey, Chicken and Hams. We also prepare several sides (mac & cheese, baked beans, red & white slaw, seasoned green beans, potato salad, white potatoes, broccoli salad, grape salad, etc.) which can be combined any way you would like. Both options below come with our Hal’s Holy Smokin’ BBQ Western Sweet Sauce and our Eastern Hot Sauce. With our full catering service, we will come to you wherever your party is. We will do as much as you would have us do to make your party a success. All food is served “buffet style” with a rustic theme. Vintage apple crates, old Pepsi crates and boxes are used to hold chaffing pans and other side dishes. With our full catering, we will be there with you during set up and serving. This option is also priced on a per person basis. Minimums do apply to this option. www.halsbbq.net 336.978.9678