UKSPA Directory 2017 2017-18 - Page 88

088 Ireland | Associate Member Dublin Institute of Technology L ocati on Grangegorman Lower Dublin 7 D07 H6K8 Contact detai l s Dr Paul Horan Head of Campus Planning, Grangegorman, Dublin 7 Ireland UKSPA Directory 2017 Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) has been an integral part of the Irish Higher Education system for more than a century. In that time it has continued to adapt and expand its provision to reflect a changing society and the wider economic environment. DIT is now one of Ireland’s largest and most innovative university-level institutions. DIT combines the academic excellence of a traditional university with professional, career-oriented learning, preparing graduates for productive leadership roles. The core values reflected in its mission emphasise student-centred learning, useful knowledge, rigorous processes of discovery and critical enquiry, and support for entrepreneurship and diversity. Distinctive Pedagogic and Rese arch Approach DIT has a distinctive approach to teaching and learning, and graduates are prepared for global citizenship, capable of adapting to a changing international environment. It incorporates practice- based learning, research using real-life issues, internship in the community or industry, volunteerism, and study abroad opportunities, and promotes inter- disciplinarity through modularisation. DIT undertakes research that is nationally relevant, internationally competitive and strategically important. It is strongly focused on problem-solving, and on social and technological development and innovation that advances human knowledge and makes a real impact on people’s life experience. Research is conducted through two research institutes – Focas, which concentrates on new materials and technologies, and the Environmental Health Sciences Institute (EHSI) - and in 16 designated centres organised around strengths in food and health sciences; social, economic and business development; environmental sustainability; information and communication technologies; and creative arts and media. Close engagement locally and globally with society and the economy, and collaborative links with a range of world-class companies and academic institutions internationally, are essential components in everything DIT does. In addition to bilateral institutional links, DIT participates as a full member of the European University Association (EUA) and the International Association of Universities (IAU). DIT Communit y There are 20,000 students registered in DIT, and over 2,000 members of staff. Nearly 20% of the student body comes from outside Ireland, creating a culturally diverse and stimulating teaching and research environment. A community of over 800 student and staff researchers