UKSPA Directory 2017 2017-18 - Page 79

UKSPA Directory 2017 England | Full Member 079 CUTP The Forum is home is open for some to the the of public region’s and is most a space to meet, eat, innovative and collaborate creative and network businesses shower facilities including disabled access. The University’s Environmental Policy is adopted by the Park management providing paper/cardboard, battery, limited plastic, and toner cartridge recycling facilities at several points throughout the complex. Tenants and staff are also encouraged to cycle to work, where possible. The provision of a secure cycle shelter and cycle hoops at several locations supports this. Flexibility is key across the Park, with lease terms reflecting the dynamic growth profile of tenants. Tenants are provided with access to an extensive range of services and facilities including: • VoIP telephony with DDI provision and data services • Excellent high-speed IT networks and internet connectivity • Regular networking opportunities at business and social events • Meeting rooms • Parking. The on-site Bistro serving hot and cold food and drinks adds to the breadth of services available. Complimentary access to the University’s library is provided, and the extensively equipped Sports Centre is also available at discounted rates to tenants. CoventryConferences The state-of-the-art conference centre, CoventryConferences, is designed and developed to meet the needs of both public and private “Providing a professional working sector organisations environment, CUTP prides itself on looking for a professional venue. creating a community for businesses The Centre offers to grow and develop within” flexible room layouts across a number of buildings throughout the complex and has the availability of video conferencing facilities as well as WiFi. With a dedicated Tr a n s p o r t l i n k s Duty Officer to hand, the versatile conference suites are comfortable and fully serviced to accommodate between 2 and 200 delegates for meetings, conferences, product launches, and Coventry Railway station dinner engagements. Excellent Motorway Links Further information Follow Coventry University Technology Park on Twitter for further information and the latest news on its tenants and developments: @CovUniTechPark. ■ Birmingham Airport 18 miles N e a r by Coventry Warwick 11 miles Birmingham 24 miles Str a te g i c n e tw o r k Coventry University Enterprises Coventry & Warwickshire LEP Coventry City Council