UKSPA Directory 2017 2017-18 - Page 52

052 England | Full Member Cambridge Biomedical Campus L ocati on Marketing Suite Francis Crick Avenue Cambridge CB2 0AA Contact detai l s Caroline Binns T: 01223 240883 E: enquiries@cambridge- UKSPA Directory 2017 If you are involved in or you supply products and services for biomedical research, we invite you to locate your business on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus (CBC). At CBC we are creating a vibrant and ground-breaking healthcare community at the forefront of science and medicine. By bringing together key opinion leaders with world‑leading resources and unique opportunities for patient-centred research, the Campus nurtures creative alliance and collaboration and creates a pathway for success.  By co-locating education, research, patient care, and commercial R&D on a single site, ideas can be shared and successful results can translate into tangible benefits for patients quickly and efficiently. Join our communit y New ideas, new treatments, and new devices are being developed at Cambridge Biomedical Campus to meet the demands of the world’s healthcare challenges. At CBC, you can: • Gain early access to breakthrough discoveries through networking with Cambridge’s world-leading academics • Benefit from a “market-pull” environment by collaborating with clinicians at Cambridge University Hospitals and Papworth Hospital • Transition your research from the bench to the clinic on the same site • Recruit the best talent for your business • Enjoy an unrivalled range of amenities and technical/clinical resources • Operate from purpose-built laboratory or office spaces The principles underpinning the Campus are collaboration and sharing. We foster an environment where individual organisations both contribute to, as well as gain from, the success of others on a site where like-minded people work in partnership, committed to realising a shared ambition of improving patient care and outcomes – through the discovery, commercialisation, and adoption of innovative new products and services into healthcare practice. Campus occupiers By locating world-leading academic and industry scientists on the same site as the teaching hospitals of the University of Cambridge, we are creating the optimum environment for the rapid and effective translation of research into routine clinical practice.