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UKSPA Directory 2017 England | Full Member 039 Pay-as-you-go services Keeping the overheads down with our business support services, BioCity based companies make use of meeting and conference rooms, Open Access Analytical Lab, GMP Archiving and clerical support as and when needed. Our shared services provide access to additional resources on a straightforward pay-as-you-go basis. Business tr aining Supporting business leaders all the way, BioCity offers start-up and business growth programmes designed to support a culture of entrepreneurial excellence and innovation. Access to finance Successfully securing finance for start‑up and growth. Via investment from BioCity directly or utilising our close relationships with grant awarding bodies and early stage investors, we support companies in tackling the challenge of accessing finance. Innovation Communit y Well connected, interactive and supportive network. At the core of BioCity are the companies who have chosen to call us home. Collaboration stretches across the corridor and the country as tenant companies from BioCity locations work with and for each other. Surrounding this core are professional service corporate partners and the UK wide BioCity Expert Network, connecting our community to the wider industry. “BioCity provides an environment in which life science and healthcare businesses are more likely to succeed, focusing on five core elements” The BioCit y Acceler ator The BioCity Group accelerator programmes are designed to coach and encourage entrepreneurial excellence. From examining the commercial viability of early stage ideas to running masterclasses for established executives, there is a continuous programme to help entrepreneurs at every step of their journey. The SPARK, DEVELOP and LAUNCH programmes can take technologies and early stage innovations from business concept through to investment readiness in an accelerated time frame. The programmes deploy many of the tools of lean start-up and digital accelerator programmes, but they are redesigned to suit the needs of life science and healthcare innovations. ■ Sit e s BioCity Nottingham BioCity Nottingham is based in the Creative Quarter of the city. It is the first BioCity site and now home to over 70 companies. BioCity Nottingham is home to one of the largest collections of pharmaceutical contract research organisations in the UK. BioHub BioHub is based on the AstraZeneca site at Alderley Park, Cheshire. The 86,000 sq ft dedicated to the BioHub is part of a much larger campus, now owned by Manchester Science Park, that also provides substantial grow-on space. MediCity, Nottingham MediCity Nottingham is based in the Enterprise Zone on the AllianceBoots campus. MediCity Nottingham occupies 100,000 sq ft in the iconic art-deco D6 building. The building also has impressive conferencing facilities and hosts big events connected to health, beauty and innovation. BioCity & MediCity Scotland BioCity Scotland and MediCity, Scotland are both based at the former MSD research facility at Newhouse. The 130,000 sq ft at the site also boasts specialist facilities such as the compound management library and GMP storage and archiving. C o ntact detai l s T: 01159 124 210 E: C ont a c t de t a ils T: 01625 468800 E: C o n ta ct d e ta i l s T: 0115 784 0000 E: enquiries.nottingham@ C o n ta ct d e ta i l s T: 01698 539 607 E: