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UKSPA Directory 2017 England | Full Member 035 The new The science Forum is enterprise open to hub, the Begbroke public and Innovation is a space Accelerator, to meet, was eat, officially collaborate opened and in network March 2017 rooms and common areas is variably incorporated into the monthly fee. Institute of Advanced Technology (IAT ) The Institute of Advanced Technology accommodates a broad spectrum of applied academic activity under one roof. OMCS (Oxford Materials Char acterisation Services) OMCS provide industry with characterisation and analytic services based on access to the expertise and state- of-the-art facilities of the Department of Materials at Oxford University. This successful service provides a focal point for nanotechnology research and development in partnership with industry. OMCS offer: • A customer-orientated, dedicated team of experts specialising in the near- surface analysis and characterisation of solid materials and thin film structures, particularly metals, semiconductors, composites, biomaterials, polymers, ceramics, and archaeological materials • A consultancy and problem- solving service for the investigation of materials and materials- related problems • Analytical services with access to an unrivalled range of facilities for the characterisation of properties, composition, and structure of materials • Routine single sample analysis. The Begbrok e Cle anroom This provides 150m 2  of cleanroom space, housing a suite of processing equipment. “Centre for Innovation and Enterprise offers fully serviced offices and has recently expanded with the opening of the Innovation Accelerator” Ne t working and Business Support Support includes seminars and soft skills training focused on the needs of science-based high-tech SMEs, technical workshops for industrial research collaboration, and informal site networking events bringing together entrepreneurs, research professionals and external partners across Oxfordshire. Conferencing & Hospitalit y All tenants benefit from free access to site meeting rooms. Begbroke’s conference facilities offer the perfect venue for an exhibition, product launch, training session, workshop, or business meeting, accommodating from 5 to 70 delegates. The meeting rooms are also available for hire to non site users. Please visit for more about our site and the facilities we offer. Begbroke’s on-site restaurant offers catering, freshly prepared in-house and tailored to suit all palates. Free Minibus Service Linking Begbroke Science Park to Oxford University’s science departments and the city centre. ■ Tr a n s p o r t l i n k s Oxford Parkway 4 miles A34 Pear Tree interchange 2 miles Oxford Airport 2 miles N e a r by Oxford Centre 5 miles Woodstock 3 miles Kidlington 2 miles Str a te g i c n e tw o r k Part of University of Oxford Uni. of Oxford Saïd Business School Oxford University Innovation