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UKSPA Directory 2017 England | Associate Member 029 Allia The Future Forum Business is open Centre to Peterborough the public is and driving is a space the development to meet, eat, of the collaborate city’s entrepreneurial and network ecosystem and most advanced “maker spaces” offering a state of the art innovation space for entrepreneurs and start-ups to prototype, test, and share their ideas using a whole range of 3D printers, drone systems, and Computer Aided Design. Grow Kitchen + Bar is a new addition to the Centre offering ethically sourced food and meet-up space for the local community and business professionals. E ast London The newest of the Allia Future Business Centre family opened in June 2017. Supporting East London’s entrepreneurs, the Centre will support a wide range of scaling ventures who are committed to growth and generating local jobs. Serious Impact An integral part of the Allia Future Business Centre is our business support. Serious Impact is a range of structured programmes to support entrepreneurs to start, develop and grow impact ventures. The programme is delivered through in-house business advisors who have extensive experience of working with entrepreneurs and business ventures. Entry onto the Serious Impact programme is competitive and subject to an application process. If you’ve got a brilliant idea that you believe will make an impact but don’t know how to turn it into a business, this programme is for you. The Serious Impact “We share your ambition and have support programme created innovation and incubation currently includes: • Startup – 30 day spaces with everything you need to programme start and scale your impact venture” • Accelerator – 3 month programme • Incubator – 9 month programme • Challenge weekends – thematic Tr a n s p o r t l i n k s challenges to drive new innovation • Innovate – state-of-the-art equipment for prototyping delivered through our Innovation Lab. cre ating impact To date, Allia Future Business Centres have worked with 500 + businesses of all types of business models, helping them to start up, grow, and create hundreds of jobs. ■ Cambridge train stations Peterborough train station London Fields train station N e a r by Cambridge Peterborough London Str a te g i c n e tw o r k Cambridge Cleantech Agritech East Cambridge Wireless