UKSPA Directory 2017 2017-18 - Page 251

UKSPA Directory 2017 England | Full Member 251 “A high-profile location in which to start and grow a technology-driven business, it is one of only four University Enterprise Zones in the UK” C o m p a n i e s o n th e Pa r k Laboratory, and Institute of Mental Health. The UNIP community benefits from access to onsite catering services, cafes, De Vere conference facilities and accommodation, a shop, high speed internet, and staffed reception areas. UNIP also provides: access to in- house conference and meeting facilities; targeted networking opportunities through regular events, seminars, and social activities; and access to grow-on opportunities within the Innovation Park, from larger offices to self-contained bespoke buildings. award-winning Jubilee Campus, which includes two lakes, the tallest freestanding sculpture in Western Europe, and existing green areas, making it an extremely desirable business location. The Innovation Park has excellent transport links to the nearby Nottingham City Centre and its mainline railway station, the University’s other three UK campuses, and the M1 motorway, and is 30 minutes from East Midlands Airport. ■ • A  PW Media Limited • B  arker Brettell • B  ritish Nuclear Medicine Society • C  oncrete Preservation Technology • C  oriel Limited • D  an and Adam Limited • E  ACR • E  MLA • E  urope Solutions • F  ootfalls and Heartbeats Limited • G  eomatic Ventures Limited • G  lobal Geo-Intelligence Solutions Limited • H  aydn Green Ingenuity Lab • H  orizon Digital Economy Research Institute • H  uduma Limited • H  ungry Panda Limited • I  MH • I  ngenin Limited • I  nsight Data Solutions Limited • I  nstitution of Civil Engineers • I  P2IPO • K  ano Innovations Limited • L  and Quality Management Limited • L  iveTheGo Limited • M  HRN (IMH) • M  odel Students • N  OTICE Limited • N  ottingham Scientific Limited • N  ova Education Trust • O  KTA Limited • O  lberon Limited • O  rdnance Survey Limited • P  erformance Networks Limited • P  harmaseal Limited • P  layChimp Limited • P  olestar Limited • Q  uensus Limited • R  esearch Consulting Limited • R  omax Technologies Limited • S  keleton Productions Limited • S  port Lived • S  potlight Data Limited • S  tudent Clubber • S  wap Meat Limited • T  each First • T  errastar Limited • T  he Staff College • V  igence Limited • W  eather Logistics Limited Location University of Nottingham Innovation Park is immediately adjacent to the University’s Tra ns por t l i nks Buses to Nottingham centre Bus links to University campuses Within 5 miles of M1 motorway N e a r by Str a te g i c n e tw o r k 1.5 miles from Nottingham Centre 13 miles to East Midlands Airport 14 miles to Derby Enterprise@Nottingham Nottingham Overseas Incubators UK Space Incubation Network