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UKSPA Directory 2017 England | Full Member 025 Behind The 3M Forum BIC’s is impressive open to glass the façade public is and a one-stop is a space shop to for meet, business eat, collaborate support and and gateway network to innovation Facilities and Services The Centre’s flexible working space can accommodate businesses from start-ups to large corporates from a variety of sectors, giving them the breathing space to grow and evolve. Tenancy includes business rates, meeting and conferencing facilities, and a dedicated management team for support. Accommodation includes workshops with bookable facilities, corporate lab space, multimedia exhibition space, 26 SME offices, large SME open-plan offices, and three SME laboratories. The 3M BIC boasts a wide range of meeting and conference spaces, suitable for all types of events, kitted out with the latest audiovisual technology: • The Atrium – ideal for informal presentations and networking events • Exhibition Space – perfect for events with up to 100 delegates • Meeting rooms – ideal for team meetings for up to 18 people • Board Room – perfect for a more formal meeting, with three monitors for multiple displays • The Room - ideal for brainstorming and smaller meetings or presentations. Innovation Avenue is at the heart of the 3M BIC. Businesses can explore the technologies and expertise available at the Centre and the University of Huddersfield to develop innovative products and services. It is both a shop window on the future and an inspirational place to bring ideas. “Innovation Avenue is at the heart of the 3M BIC. It is both a shop window on the future and an inspirational place to bring ideas” Technology available on Innovation Avenue includes: • High performance computing systems for advanced simulation and visualisation • Additive manufacture (3D printing) in polymers and metals • Surface examination, characterisation and measurement • 3D visualisation and rendering • Virtual reality • NPL North of England – precision measurement • University of Huddersfield lab services, including surface metrology and advanced manufacturing. It also facilitates access to the University of Huddersfield, which boasts seven institutes and 30 specialist centres covering a diverse range of research topics. These include the Institute of Rail Research, the Turbocharger Research Institute, the International Institute for Accelerator Applications, the Institute of Skin Integrity and Infection Prevention, and the Secure Societies Institute. Surrounding Are a The 3M Buckley Innovation Centre is part of the wider Leeds City Region. ■ Tr a n s p o r t l i n k s Near the University of Huddersfield Bus, rail and motorway networks Manchester, Leeds/Bradford airports N e a r by Leeds Manchester Sheffield Str a te g i c n e tw o r k University of Huddersfield National Physical Laboratory (NPL) Kirklees Council