UKSPA Directory 2017 2017-18 - Page 19

UKSPA Directory 2017 an ecosystem which is reflective of the current market dynamics. D eve l o ping a U S P The key is translating this analysis to develop a unique selling point (or USP) for a science park. If this is carried out correctly, the UK has the capacity to support different USPs throughout the entire country. USPs strengthen the added value offered by the park within its region and eliminate the notion that science parks need to compete with each other in order to be successful. This encourages the collaborations within and between parks, ultimately advancing the quality and scale of science and technology outcomes. The demands of the modern science occupier are also changing. Gone are the days of lab spaces being tucked away in dark corners of crumbling old research facilities. The emphasis in any workplace today is on supporting teamwork and collaboration, right down to opportunities for chance meetings. This is now considered a crucial requirement for the science community. By enabling different disciplines such as academic institutions, commercial research 019 organisations, and start-ups to work side-by-side and having a building or park that can flex to meet the different demands to reflect changes in the market, you can facilitate the rapid transfer of knowledge and decision- making demanded by modern tenants. While regional locations should be aspiring to create ecosystems that draw on their local expertise and skill set, they must also be conscious not to over-differentiate themselves and create a disconnect from other parks. There are so many opportunities for science parks across the UK to tap into the expertise and credentials available in other parks, yet few take full advantage of this. How well do you kn o w y o ur neigh b o urs ? H o w t o adapt For science parks that are looking to change and adapt, my best advice would be to do your homework – learn about your region, communicate and collaborate with other parks, speak to universities to find out what they need and find the experts out there who can help. Regional sites can partner with, and tap into the reputation and opportunities enjoyed by, the science powerhouses in the golden triangle. As we approach Brexit, it is time to think of the UK as a single, powerful science unit, rather than a disparate collection of is