UKSPA Directory 2017 2017-18 - Page 17

UKSPA Directory 2017 017 As well as offering its own citizens the opportunity to develop the skills required to become successful research leaders, early-stage researchers, technologists, technicians, entrepreneurs, and managers, it is in the UK’s national interest to continue to attract a culturally‑diverse, skilled workforce. Nearly a third of university academic staff are from outside the UK, with 16% from other EU countries and 12% from outside the EU. A third of UK start-ups were founded by non-UK nationals, and 51% of UK start-up employees come from outside the UK. International movement is also an important feature of a research career, and 72% of UK-based researchers spent time at non-UK institutions between 1996 and 2012. We must push to ensure the Industrial Strategy takes steps to equip people with research skills and encourages a wider uptake of science and mathematics. Domestic policy should aim to develop an immigration system that will ensure UK universities and businesses continue to thrive through recruitment and retention of the talent required for innovation. £ PEOPLE Investment in scientific research and innovation will signal the UK’s intention to compete internationally and attract further investment. Metcalfe’s report notes the importance of identifying further opportunities to develop and host strategically-valuable international research facilities in the UK. According to 2013 OECD figures, the UK’s total R&D spend was 1.66% of GDP, consisting of 0.48% Government spend, 0.77% industry spend, and 0.41% other spending on R&D. The UK’s medical research charity community invested over £1.4 billion of resear չѡU,)԰ٕȀДݡѽ)չٕͥѥ̸Uչɽ)ٕɹЁ́ѡٕ́ѵи)ѥ䰁HQɕ́)ѥѥٕ́Ս́ѡѕɥ͔)%9YMQ58)P)%ٕѵЁM%L͵Ȱ)ȵɥͬɅ́ѼɅ͔)ѡɽ՝хɕȁٕѽ̸)QU/éչՕ䁑ٕ͔չ)ѕɕѕ́᥉䰁ɥѥѼ)ݡЁ́՝䁕ЁɅѥٔ)ѕѡU,ٕɹЁ)ѕѼչɥєѡمՔ)TɅ́݅ɑѼU,ɕ͕ɍ́)ѡձ݅ɐɥ%ѥݔݥ)͠ȁ%MɅѕѡЁ)ɕɕɥѥ٥䁅ЁѠɕ)ѥٕȁхɝ) ̔@ȁՉ)ɥمєHٕѵиQ́ݥ) ɕ͕ɥمєɥх)ٕѵЁЁɕͥٔ)ɕ٥܁Չչ)M=UI L䁽5M̰ͽѥ5I͕ɍ ɥѥ̰ %ȁͽѥ 5 ɥѥ͠䰁 )Mɥ ȁMM ȁI͕ɍU, $ չ5ѡѥḾ9T%مєU,%ѥє)A̰ͥ1ɹMЁ䁽]̰I兰 9ͥI兰䁽ɥI兰MЁ䁽 䰁I兰MЁ䁽 ȁ䰁I兰)MЁ䰁I兰MЁ䁽ɝI͕ɽḾYхMѥ́ȁTQU,Uٕͥѥ́U,UٕͥЁ]