UKSPA Directory 2017 2017-18 - Page 14

014 UKSPA Directory 2017 work together to ensure we too can function on a global scale, to drive our national economy, to serve and develop our local region, and to make efficient use of our individual assets. Success is not simply about funding. We are a nation full of knowledge and experience. We have a national ecosystem founded on the global reputation of London, Oxford, and Cambridge, with a strong, smart city infrastructure developing across Glasgow, Cardiff, York, Manchester, and Liverpool and more, a core network of science and innovation sites across the entire nation, and a publicly funded pipeline that includes locations such as NETPark in County Durham, M-Sparc in Wales, the East Midlands Engine, the Cheshire Gateway, and Lancaster Science Park. ■ WE NEED YOU For our Association to function, we rely on the engagement of our members. Our strength lies in the insight from mature parks and experienced managers as well as the fresh outlook and digital savvy of the newer sites of innovation and the younger generation of managers. We need you. We need your feedback, your knowledge and your expertise. We encourage you to continue to engage as members of this Association as we evolve into a future full of opportunity. Visit our website, connect with us on LinkedIn and share your thoughts either by email, or on Twitter @UKSPA Future Fusion for UKSPA For over 30 years the UK Science Park Association has been the authoritative body on the planning, development, and operation of science parks and other innovation locations. C ommunication with our members, their tenant companies, and the wider science and innovation sector is a huge priority for UKSPA. Promoting the work of members, sharing good practice, and demonstrating the impact of their work requires a quality publication. In 2016 changing circumstances meant that we needed a new publishing and content partner to take forward these ambitions and so undertook a tendering exercise to seek new ideas for the future. communications ambitions, moving us away from a contract publishing ethos based on driving ad sales, to new heights where content and customer relevance is of prime importance. We have worked quickly over the last few months to change the entire look and feel of our magazine. We are thrilled with the new approach, which aims to clarify messages, make it simple for the reader to select articles of relevance to them, and most importantly to showcase the great work that is happening at our Member locations throughout the UK today. FUTURE POTENTIAL YOUR INPUT IS CRITICAL After a short selection process, we decided to contract with Future Fusion. Their professionalism and enthusiasm totally shone through and, whilst it is early days in our developing relationship, initial signs are that they will lift UKSPA’s We would like to encourage you to help us to continue to raise the profile of the Association and the work you do by providing us and Future Fusion with quality case studies, good practice, growth, collaboration, and news stories that will help raise the profile of your work with investors, stakeholders, partners, and government officials. We trust you like Breakthrough as much as we do and would be pleased to receive your contributions and feedback. MOVING FORWARD With the launch of Breakthrough, UKSPA and Future Fusion are committed to delivering a quality communications experience. The publication has already enhanced its readership potential, which extends beyond science parks and innovation sites to tenants and stakeholders. It offers the opportunity for members, affiliates and their suppliers to contribute to the magazine with both useful, high-quality editorial and advertising placements. ■