UKSPA Directory 2017 2017-18 - Page 129

UKSPA Directory 2017 Overseas Member 129 Just Forum The an hour is by open air to from the public Beijing, Jinan and offers is a space all to meet, the benefits eat, of collaborate a major and network industrial city compound discovery and optimisation platform, the pharmacodynamics evaluation platform, the drugs safety evaluation platform, the pharmacokinetic platform, the drugs analysis and quality control platform, a new drugs screening platform, new preparations and new drugs delivery system, new TCM, One Base – the National R&D Platform for New Drug Development research platform, a data integration and information service platform, the medicinal production technology research platform, a pilot scale test platform, and the pharmaceutical enterprise incubator platform. All in all it covers all stages of R&D and pilot scale test in the bio-pharmaceutical industry. Jinan Pharma Industrial Park The Park covers about 10,000 acres, including a modern comprehensive service centre, a production area for medium and small-sized enterprises, and the China-Ukraine Cooperation Program Park. The planning area of Phase I covers 1,000 Mu (about 165 acres), which will be launched in the near future. Comprehensive support services • Commercial Support for incubating enterprises includes industrial and commercial registration, tax registration, tax consulting, etc • Technological Support includes use of the scientific and technical resources of the incubator network (built by Shandong Academy of Sciences, Shandong “With a beautiful environment, University, convenient transportation, and Shandong Normal University, integrated infrastructure, the zone and Luneng is a showcase for the city of Jinan” Pioneering Park) and surrounding research institutions, such as a shared experimental facility and open lab • Advisory Panel including famous Tr a n s p o r t l i n k s scholars, successful entrepreneurs, and experts, who will provide authoritative direction, diagnosis, and project proof for enterprises’ development decisions • Financing Support including assistance Jinan East Railway 7 miles with government financing, risk Jinan Airport 15 miles investment, credit financing, Expressways 104, 220, 309 and Finance Guarantee, etc • Business Coaching Support for incubating enterprises includes N e a r by assistance with declaring National Scientific and Technological Key Task Program, Torch Plan, and Innovation Fund for Small Technology-based Firms • Talent Support including assistance Beijing in organising recruitment activities Qingdao and transferring technical talents and Zhengzhou their households • Professional Consulting Support includes services such as project Str a te g i c n e tw o r k evolution, legal and investment consultation, enterprise diagnosis, financial auditing, management consultation, etc • Publicity Support with information Overseas Chinese Scholars School and publicity by internet, professional Export Processing Districts journals, and other materials. ■ ICT Innovation Cluster