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128 Overseas Member Jinan High- Tech Business Incubator – Jinan Pharma Valley Locati on A202 No.750 Shunhua Road, Jinan, Shandong, China Contact detai l s International Cooperation Base Manager, Enterprise Service Department, Jinan High-Tech Business Incubator, T: 0086(0)531-88118287 F: 0086(0)531-88912544 E: UKSPA Directory 2017 Founded in 1991, Jinan High-Tech Industrial Development Zone is one of the national high-tech zones approved by the State Council, and is composed of the Central District, the Export Processing District, and the Eastern New District. With a beautiful environment, convenient transportation, and integrated infrastructure, the zone is a showcase for the city of Jinan, exhibiting to the rest of the world the important high-tech industrial base of China’s Shandong Province. Within the zone, you can find the Overseas Chinese Scholars School, The National High-Tech Business Incubator, The China International ICT Innovation Cluster, The Export Processing Districts, as well as many other national industrial parks. High-Tech Business Incubator Jinan High-Tech Business Incubator was established in 1992. It is approved as the establishment of public welfare for science and technology services by the city. It was certificated as a National Level High-Tech Business Incubator in 1998 and as a National High-Tech Development Zone Advanced Incubator in 2011 by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The China Jinan Park for Overseas Chinese Scholars was established in 1999, and is certified as a national level Pioneering Park for Overseas Chinese Scholars by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Personnel, the Ministry of Education, and the Foreign Experts Affairs of State Council in 2000, and subsequently certificated as Pioneering Park for Overseas Scholars. Jinan Pharma Valle y Jinan Pharma Valley is predicated on the incubating service function of The Jinan High-Tech Business Incubator, and introduces high-level talent from the Pioneering Park for Overseas Chinese Scholars, in order to create three big industry clusters. These are the high- tech industrial park, including bio- medical and biological engineering, biological materials, biological energy, and biological environmental protection. The park is in the east of the city in Jinan High-Tech Industrial Development Zone. It has 170,000m 2 of scientific research office base, 500,000m 2 of R&D experimental base, and an industrialisation park, which could be scaled up to support enterprise, technology, innovation, and development. Currently, Jinan Pharma Valley has 300 biology-focused enterprises, with sales income of RMB 20 billion. Ne w Drugs Incubating Base In April 2010, as the major part of the 11th National Five Year Plan and one of the seventh national Bases, the National Shandong New Drugs Incubating Base Project was built in the Jinan High-Tech Zone. The National Incubating Base includes a Comprehensive Incubator for Overseas Chinese Scholars, a Bio-medical Incubating Base (the Incubating Base of Sino-Ukraine High-Tech Cooperation Park), a Diya New Drug R&D Base, a Tongke New Drug R&D Base, a Biological Environmental Protection Incubating Base, and Chengchuang Strategic Emerging Industrial R&D Base. R&D Pl atform of Ne w Drug In May 2009, the National R&D Platform of New Drug was approved by the Ministry of Science and located in our park. The platform is constituted by 12 union platforms, which include HXY