UKSPA Directory 2017 2017-18 - Page 127

UKSPA Directory 2017 Wales | Full Member 127 Phase The Forum Two, is opened open to in the public 2011, provides and is extra a space to meet, eat, business incubation collaborate and network facilities and specialist Calon Cardio-Technology Ltd: Develops implantable blood pumps for the treatment of chronic heart failure. In 2015 Calon completed a successful series of in-vivo trials, which confirmed the design goal of freedom from blood damage. A major European clinical study is expected to begin this year. Biovici Ltd: Provides Point of Care Technology that converts biological data and transfers information to a hand-held electronic reader and can be shared to any part of the Health Care chain from Paramedics to A&E Departments. Innoture Medical Technology: Next- generation transdermal devices for use in drug delivery and diagnostics. Innoture’s patented microneedles offer extreme flexibility compared to other microneedle technologies, allowing layering of compounds, flexibility of substrates and cost-effective dynamic mass manufacture. Porvair plc: Develops, designs and manufactures specialist filtration and separation equipment, most importantly for aviation, energy and industrial process, environmental laboratories, and non- ferrous metals applications. Chromatrap is a new way of doing ChiP assays, pioneered and developed between Porvair PLC and a Swansea University team. Bionema Ltd: A leading independent research firm focused on the development of novel natural biopesticide products. Bionema is at the forefront of large-scale testing and has won ORETO (Official Recognition of Efficacy) accreditation for its testing facilities and procedures. Industry on-Line Ltd: Using cutting- edge web technologies, provides life sciences industries with a dedicated online collaborative platform to help cut the time (and cost)