UKSPA Directory 2017 2017-18 - Page 117

UKSPA Directory 2017 Scotland | Full Member 117 “The Research Park is an integral part of the campus of Heriot-Watt University, and tenant companies’ staff are treated as part of the campus community” C o m p a n i e s o n th e Pa r k • A  belon Systems • A  ptiv Solutions • B  abcock LGE • B  ritish Geological Society (BGS) • B  urdica • C  learwater House • C  MIST • C  omputer Application Services (CAS) • D  reampact • E  dinburgh Biosiences • E  dinburgh Conference Centre • F  UGRO EMU (Scotland) Ltd • H  elica Instruments Ltd • H  ydrafact • I  kon • I  nstitute of Occupational Medicine (IOM) • I  nstitute of Petroleum Engineering of custom laboratories or space rented, by negotiation, on terms suited to the particular requirements of each tenant. Site Management Arr angements The Research Park is an integral part of the campus of Heriot-Watt University. The philosophy behind the development of the Park emphasises that the staff of tenant companies are treated as part of the campus community and have access to all the facilities such as restaurants, banks, shops, staff club and societies. In addition, at the corporate level, access may be made to the common services of the campus ranging from libraries, to computer, printing, central mail services, etc. The maintenance of the Park is dealt with by the Estate Office of the University as part of the whole campus and maintained to the same standard throughout. Care and maintenance of Tra ns por t l i nks Road: A71 No. 25 bus from Haymarket station Edinburgh Airport 4 miles individual buildings is the responsibility of the owners within the terms of their agreements with the University. The University is in the fortunate position of being located in Edinburgh, which is a major financial centre and especially noted for its numerous and successful venture capital sources. Close links with these various sources of risk funding is maintained by the Park management and can assist in both the arranging of funds and the provision of sound independent advice on corporate financing matters. Universit y Facilities The University is heavily biased towards science and engineering. As a consequence of its location in Europe’s largest concentration of electronics industry, it has developed a particularly strong reputation in the fields of N e a r by Edinburgh City Centre 20 mins drive BT Murrayfield Stadium 4 miles Univ. Centre for Sport & Exercise • I  nternational Study Group • L  UX Assure • N  ational Performance Centre for Sports • O  rigo Services Ltd • Q  uotient Clinical • R  enishaw plc • R  ocella • R  OSPA • S  cottish Business in the Community (SBC) • S  cottish National Blood Transfusion Services • S  cottish Water • S  cottish Whiskey Research Institute • S  cottish Woodlands Ltd • T  ES Electronics • T  rig Avionics • T  ritech • W  eatherfords microelectronics, optoelectronics, and precision engineering. Medical instrumentation and biotechnology exemplify a second key strength associated with the long-standing reputation of Edinburgh in the field of medicine and health care. The third key strength is that of offshore engineering and related disciplines such as marine science, petroleum, and reservoir engineering. A fourth and increasingly important strength is the accounting and business application field. ■