UK Darts Issue 9 - December 2013 - Page 32

Nonetheless, the Dutchman dug deep to find another gear as he battled away to gradually eat into Taylor’s advantage. Six winning legs from seven gave RvB back-to-back sets and saw parity restored with the early pressure on by claiming it with an impressive 12-darter. The warriors continued to trade blows and for ten straight legs the darts remained with the throw. During that spell, the Dutchman had missed opportunities to claim the crown in legs 4 and 6 meaning that after a fortnight of matches including this, arguably the best contest in history, the 2007 World Championships would come down to a single leg of darts. Throwing for bull to decipher who started the allimportant 11th leg of set number 13, the Power stepped up and landed his effort in the outer-ring. With the option of either removing Taylor’s dart or keeping it in, RvB opted for the latter and incredibly registered the most important bullseye of his life. Advantage to the challenger. Photo: PDC two titans’ level at 5 sets each. Incredible levels or performance from both competitors had already provided an amazing contest and an electrifying finale was still to come. The 11th set began with Taylor winning the opening two legs but still van Barneveld refused to throw in the towel and miraculously clawed it back to 2-2 before taking the decider to sensationally take a 6-5 lead having trailed 5-3. For the first time in the match the Dut