UK Darts Issue 9 - December 2013 - Page 28

Book Club The Definitive Darts Coaching Manual by Dave Kirby is the first in a series of five books that when complete will form the definitive guide for darts players and coaches of all standards. The book draws on Kirby’s extensive experience of sports coaching and his highly commendable knowledge of the sport of darts to offer a complete coaching solution for the amateur and professional alike. And whilst the book is not a quick fix, and neither does it claim to be, there is something held within for each and every dart player. When I first picked the book up I must admit I was rather sceptical, after all darts by it’s very nature is a rather simple game. With the most common advice I received when taking up darts being ‘Hold and throw the dart in the way that is most comfortable to you’, I found myself thinking surely for the amateur player that’s it. Other Books In The Series: I knew professionals worked harder at the game and would have defined practice routines, what perhaps I didn’t understand was that these routines and techniques can be adapted to improve the game of any player out there, from pub league to County and e