UK Darts Issue 9 - December 2013 - Page 27

dedication. The standard is quite high and everyone has a chance to win it. That it proven as there isn’t one winner week in week out What made you decide now was the time to enter Q School? I am not getting any younger as the Challenge tour is 16-21 so as my time is coming to an end on the Challenge Tour I thought why not go for it? I’ve gained my experience playing against some of the best youth players and also some pro tour players, it is time to take things further. If you do succeed and win a tour card, do you have anyone supporting you take part on the main tour, as it’s not a cheap thing to do? practice routine and location? I practice for 4 hours a day when i am not working, often in various locations with Mark Mile High Hylton. Do you have an aim in darts – do you want it to be your job or a hobby you enjoy? I want to achieve what Mr. T has. It’s a tough order, but after all, my motto is “Dreams Come True” and it’s only my responsibility to make my dreams become a reality. I would settle for a few World Championship titles! In all seriousness though I want to make it my job just look at what Adrian If I achieved my dreams by winning a hard won prize at Q school; a tour card, I will be dancing like a little girl. I am currently under the kindest and friendliest guys in the darting community, Karl Holden and his wife Dawn from A180 Darts in St.Helens. I am also receiving sponsorship from one of the pubs that I play for, The Congress Inn in Longton. If you were to make a TV tournament – what walk on music should be expect to hear? It fits the name so it would have to be The Trooper by Iron Maiden with a twist ! that’s all I’m going to say about that. What would you say is the highlight of your playing career to date? Qualifying for the PDC Youth World Championships in 2010, Winning my first tournament 4-2 with a 158 checkout to win. Also making friends from all over the country. How much time are you able to practice – and do you have a set Lewis has done and Phil Taylor and other darters around StokeOn-Trent, there’s something definitely in the water. How do spend time relaxing when not playing or practising? I try and relax with my beautiful girlfriend as much as I can because its very demanding when your girlfriend doesn’t like darts but I have to say she’s my world, and the support she gives is unbelievable when I am down and she is always there to cheer me on. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us Scott and all the best for Q-School in January. Krispy Brown is a darts writer and journalist who runs his own website for darts fans. Entitled Darts, Beers and Cheers it can be found at and you can read the full article on Krispy’s website here. Follow Krispy @DartsBeersCheer on Twitter