UK Darts Issue 9 - December 2013 - Page 26

Youth Tour in 2011 and I played in it for a year in half. I failed to complete a full 2 years in the youth tour as my mum and dad were taken ill; with both having cancer scares so at this point it was my duty to take care of them and support them. I was lucky enough this year to compete in the Challenge Tour with sponsors Karl Holden of A180 Darts and Mark Hylton’s Sponsor Lets Play Knockout Darts. Without these guys it wouldn’t been achievable also without support from family it also wouldn’t of been possible thank you dad (Simon Johnson). I have some notable wins this year narrowly missing out on the money, but not for one second did I think that I couldn’t mix it up with the big boys on the actual tour. I played in the Grand Slam Of Darts Qualifier this year at Wigan, that’s when I decided I wanted to take it further and go to Q school in 2014. the Burlsem Darts League in Trent Vale. Where do you play your darts, do you play for many teams or are you more a practice at home player? The Chesters at the A180 Superleague in Chesterton with shop owner of A180 Darts StokeOn-Trent John Elliott. Who are your darting heroes? Phil Taylor, Adrian Lewis, Andy Hamilton, Ian White, Mark Hylton, John Lowe, Eric Bristow well all of them. They have all produced history in their years! What darts do you use? T h e Congress Inn – in Longton on a Monday Stone League, who have agreed to help me out with my conquest into the PDC in 2014 The Black Lion on a Tuesday in I have currently just had my very own darts made by Grays Darts and what a good job he has done, so I must say thank you! They are 23 gram custom Scott ‘The Trooper’ Johnson darts. Hopefully I will be able to get them massed produced so anyone can use them at some point in the future. You’ve played a lot on the challenge tour this year, what was that like, and what was the standard like? Its awesome everyone is friendly and the officials are brilliant and a laugh and its run with fantastic