UK BBQ Mag Winter 2017/2018 - Page 91


Meat the Butcher

Chris & Olly at Rogers & Son

Olly Woolnough came on board at Rogers & Son in 2017:and tells us about what they do...

I have to come clean, my job is the stuff of dreams and if you are reading this magazine you will understand why! I love BBQ, I love Meat AND I get to talk to passionate people all day about it!

I came on board to support and develop our mail-order side of the business and make it as interactive and helpful as possible, from LiveChat, personal videos of your cuts and selections and cooking advice, to ensure the best customer experience possible.

We are so happy to be part of the BBQ community and love how we have the ability to be BBQ specific. We are in a unique position of being at the helm of evolving outdoor cookery. You will know that the last few years have been so exciting for UK BBQ: just imagine the cuts, flavours and techniques we will be using next year and the year after that! To that end, we have a page on our shop dedicated to BBQ and also a specific page on BBQ which includes useful links and recipes.

So, we have amazing local produce, but what stands out? Well it has to be our very special Salt Marsh Lamb and Rare Breed Beef.

The lambs graze on a rich variety of plants and minerals growing in the salt marshes, which gives the meat a superb, subtle and delicate flavour. Surprisingly it doesn’t taste salty or of seaweed as you might expect; instead the richly flavoured meat has gentle hints of the coast, sea purslane, samphire and sea lavender. Our local farms work with us on rare breed beef such as Welsh White and Belted Welsh Cattle to name but two.

Our aim?

To get beautifully nurtured local meat into the homes of the UK at an affordable price and to take the snobbery out of beautifully reared meat.

The beautiful hanging lamb on the front cover of this issue is ours as well!

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Rogers & Son are a family butcher in West Wales, surrounded by superb produce with Chris Rogers at the helm. He is an exceptionally talented butcher with a real passion in passing on the art of butchery to the next generation, using traditional methods in conjunction with modern practices.