UK BBQ Mag Winter 2017/2018 - Page 70

under the pork. But here they chop the whole hog, butt or shoulder mixing it with a thin vinegary sauce. My first stop was the Skylight Inn in Ayden, North Carolina. It has the reputation of being the best BBQ restaurant in America. I talked my way into a tour of the pits and then sat down for some incredible chopped pork. Here they chop the pork skin into the mixture resulting in what can best be described as a pork bomb.

Next stop was a tour of Lexington with Roger and Marsha Wise. They grew up in the BBQ industry and have been competing and cooking BBQ and whole hogs for a long time. With Lexington being declared as the Capital of North Carolina BBQ, there are BBQ joints everywhere. With local knowledge, we did a tour of 3 or the Wise’s favourites. All cooked in brick pits cooked over coals generated in a separate firebox, tended by a pit master.

A fascinating, long road trip that gave a real insight into regional BBQ in America. Lasting impression was that BBQ is pretty much everywhere. From huge restaurants delivering industrial quantities of meat to a simple smoker running on a street corner. And it's just everyday food in the States. Go into any BBQ joint and you will find people eating at any time of day all of them happy to share their passion. And great food!

If you are really lucky get yourself invited to a Pig Pickin’ – standing around a pit cooked whole hog just pulling pieces off with a pair of tongs with a beer or two and good friends!


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Pig Pickin', TN