UK BBQ Mag Winter 2017/2018 - Page 59

BBQ Dragon


The BBQ dragon is an interesting bit of kit, it's easily portable so can be carried around, it tucks inside a chimney starter.

It's basically a variable speed fan system on a long arm, that you can direct into the coals to get going really quickly.

It's kind of like blowing on the coals.

The variable speed control is a very useful feature as you can go for a steady build up of heat, which is a great way to get the coals going without blowing ash everywhere.

You simply pop a natural firelighter in the coals and place the BBQ dragon firing into the coals, or direct the BBQ dragon so that it sends a blast of air under the chimney starter, getting the chimney starter going in under 10 minutes.

The build quality of the BBQ Dragon is excellent, it's a pretty solid piece of kit. You can use regular AA batteries to power it, or Rechargeables, and there is a handy micro USB port so you can keep the BBQ Dragon charged and ready to go easily.

The BBQ Dragon is available here