UK BBQ Mag Winter 2017/2018 - Page 58


The Looftlighter BBQ and fire lighter looks like something that belongs in the hands of a Jedi Warrior, but is destined to make lighting a BBQ a matter of minutes. For many of us who BBQ year round, this is a real bonus, the standard for most of us cooking with charcoal is to use a chimney starter which takes 10-15 minutes to get going, but the Looftlighter changes things and get's the charcoal blazing in a minute.

First off, the obvious requirement is for electricity, but once plugged in, you have a serious weapon in your hands. It takes literally just over a minute to get the coals going. Probably for most BBQ'ers this fits into the luxury category. But for many who light their BBQ very frequently it becomes an essential.

The Looftlighter is available here and is usually around £55.

They last well, and can take some serious abuse, a friend swears by them for his charcoal grill restaurant where they are used daily. I've had my own looflighter for many years, and it's battered and well used, but it makes lighter smokers and fires so easy.