UK BBQ Mag Winter 2017/2018 - Page 57

It's Blowing A Gale

Most of us keep cooking through the colder months, and it's not always easy especially when it's blowing a gale. Lighting damp charcoal and generally being outside for longer than necessary isn't always the pleasure we hope it might be...

So something that can help you get lit up quickly can be a real boon...ok so these bits of kit might not be for everyone, some of us still love rubbing two sticks together. But it's worth knowing what's available, just in case...

The basic bit of kit that will make all the difference is a chimney starter, these are pretty common in most BBQ circles, and will help you get your charcoal lit in 15-20 minutes without too much hassle. But if you want to get that in under 10 minutes, you'll need a fan assist to give you a turbo boost.

There's a few different options available now and we thought we would review a few of them here.