UK BBQ Mag Winter 2017/2018 - Page 34

perhaps could have been a huge possibility!!
  Moral of the story, check the checker!!

You have a YouTube channel, how's that going?
It has been up just over a year and will touch 200,000 viewers by the end of the month; I am going through a rebranding at the moment, the name will be now under Chef Unplugged (musicians are unplugged, why not chefs)!!!
Just really trying to recap my background in a nutshell, focused on cooking with fire.

How do you see the growth in interest in outdoor cooking from where you're stood?
I am delighted to see a rise in outdoor cooking in the UK, when I left the England 28 years ago it wasn’t really cool to be a chef, great restaurants were a hard find, supermarkets with average produce.
  It’s amazing and a pleasure to come home now and see great products everywhere, better restaurants and more people like yourself whom are not chefs by trade but have great expertise and knowledge on the BBQ and cooking with fire scene, all these fabulous festivals that have popped up, I am encouraged by this.
  What we share on social media really helps, so keep sharing folks; there is a huge community out there!!
  Let’s embrace this revolution!!
What stuff you got planned for the future?
I have left the hotel industry to pursue this avenue on a full time bases, at this point I have achieved all I want in the hotel industry and want to follow a new avenue.
  The cooking channel has given me the opportunity to get some recognition now which is great, it’s a long journey with the YouTube channel, and nothing ever comes over night.
  I am working on a project for a joint Australian and LA based Media Production Company, I cannot share too much at the moment, love to but we have to keep things under wraps for now, fingers crossed.
  I am also in talks via my Australian Media partners on a cooking channel partnership with an English based online TV network and also an Australian one based on my Chefs Unplugged stuff, this is all part of my rebranding, let’s see, this is all early stages at the moment.
Let’s hope this year all this will start to blossom.

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Ian has kindly shared a couple of recipes with us with a taste of his style of cooking.