UK BBQ Mag Winter 2017/2018 - Page 26

Stainless or Mild Steel?

All my my Sizzle Grills Argentine Asado kit is made from mild steel. Mild steel holds heat more constantly than Stainless and will last much longer. Stainless grills often stick and are hard to clean properly. Never have I seen a Stainless grill in Argentina.

Ox Sweetbreads or Rib eye?

The most expensive item on any Buenos Aires Parrilla menu will be the Mollejas/Ox Sweetbreads. Otherwise known as the Thymus gland it grills up a treat with plenty of coarse salt and lemon on the grill. I have been using them all this year and I predict them to be next year's new grub BBQwise. When I eat them I feel a power surge through my body similar to that of Popeye and his spinach!

We are in our second full year at Sizzle Grills Argentine Asado and loving every minute. We are at various events across Cornwall and the South-West and even get little trips up country too. Our kit is top notch. It is exactly the stuff Argentines would have in the backyards. Our Course days are proving

to be great fun so if you are coming down to Cornwall give us a shout.

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