UK BBQ Mag Winter 2017/2018 - Page 25



My love affair with Argentina and Asado began in 1994 as a young teacher at a British School in Buenos Aires.when my reticent father dropped me off at Heathrow he said "Good meat out there son, good meat." How right he was.

Asado plays an integral part in everyday life in Argentina, whether celebrating birth, marriage or death someone will be lighting a fire somewhere.

For 8 years my wife Zoe and I ran a small boutique B&B in Buenos Aires and red meat, red wine and Tango evenings regularly took on our roof terrace. Asado brings people together and I gathered many true local friends who shared their experience and know-how with me.

Logs or Charcoal?

I tend to use a bit of both. When grilling on the Argentine Cross or Asador Criollo I tend to use Ash. I am not a wood snob by any means. It is expensive

stuff. The simple answer is that the best wood to us is someone else's.

Well hung or fresh kill?

Whereas, as Brits, we pay a premium for hung beef most Argentines prefer fresh meat for their Asado. This may well be due to their warmer climate and lack of refrigeration historically. I tend to be happier with fresh meat.

Tongs or fingers?

Poking your meat with tongs and forks just lets the juices escape. I trust my hands and finger tips with as much grill work as possible, it might burn you at first but it is worth it. With your hands you can best guess cooking time and temperatures due to how hard or flaccid the flesh is.

Stainless or Mild Steel?

All my my Sizzle Grills Argentine Asado kit is made from mild steel. Mild st

eel holds heat more constantly than Stainless and will last much longer. Sta=

inless grills often stick and are hard to clean properly. Never have I seem a=

Stainless grill in Argentina.

Ox Sweetbreads or Rib eye?

The most expensive item on any Buenos Aires Parrilla menu will be the Mollej=

as/Ox Sweetbreads. Otherwise known as the Thymus gland it grills up a treat w=

ith plenty of coarse salt and lemon on the grill. I have been using them all=

this year and I predict them to be next year's new grub BBQwise. When I eat=

them I fell a power surge through my body similar to that of Popeye and his=


We are in our second full year at Sizzle Grills Argentine Asado and loving e=

very minute. We are at various events across Cornwall and the South-West and=

even get little trips up country too. Our kit is top notch. It is exactly t=

he stuff Argentines would have in the backyards. Our Course days are proving=

to be great fun so if you are coming down to Cornwall give us a shout.