UK BBQ Mag Winter 2016/2017 - Page 77



Chris @ChrisABBQ

“We BBQ a lot at home, I caught the bug from my Dad. These days Christmas Day Turkey on the rotisserie is now a firm family tradition. I’d never thought about competitive BBQing until Weber contacted me early in 2014 – nearly fell off the chair with excitement! Loved Bristol 2014 and had caught the bug bad…

Then when I was going to miss Bristol 2015 due to a family holiday, I begged my way into the other Weber team for the Manchester competition – and went on to win the Brisket round – best feeling ever!. I must add huge thanks to Ed & Emma (possibly the nicest couple in BBQ) at Bunch of Swines for letting me cook their backup brisket to compete with”


"Outside of competitions, I pretty much spend 99% of my life with BBQs in some shape or form!

I'm lucky enough to have a job involving the third greatest love of my life, after my wife and son, BBQ. I am one of those truly fortunate people who loves his job and I can't believe I get paid to travel around the country and to other countries to learn about them, to build them, to sell them, to train people how to use them and do my own cooking demos!

In my spare time, I do the same thing but with friends and family, however, this is my chance to get experimental with flavours and try some more unusual food fusion ideas, such as the Cheeseburger Lasagne (FYI - my secret ingredient is bacon, bacon and more bacon)"

Jon @JonnyBBQ

“Whilst working for Weber for 11 years, I was told I was going to be part of a Weber BBQ team along with Chris Male (a Weber colleague) and two big Weber fans.

I obviously liked to BBQ, but never thought about competing. It's one of the best and luckiest moments in my life!  We’ve had a couple of team changes since, but working with Chris and Ste is something I look forward to every time we cook!  Amazing considering we'd never met before we started cooking.

The BBQ family has been very welcoming and I'm proud to be part of it!  I've learned a tonne and I learn more every time we meet.

I'm known for sleeping through Meatrave, trying to use my hand as a chefs choice option and drinking far too much rum! Bring on 2017!”

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