UK BBQ Mag Winter 2016/2017 - Page 72

Simple Treacle Ham

All quantities grams per kg of boned leg.


Water 300g

Black Treacle 100g

Salt 50g

Sugar 25.5g

Cure #1 4.5g

(or all in one salt/cure mix 54.5g)

Ground Juniper berry 10g

Ground Coriander 10g

Total Amount 500g


Add treacle to warmed water until fully dissolved, add other ingredients and stir until also fully dissolved.

Add to meat in tight fitting container or sealed bag ensuring meat is fully covered.

Sit in chiller for required time (agitating or turing occasionally if in a bag)

Remove and briefly rinse off excess mix and pat dry then sit in chiller on rack for approx one week.

Cold smoke, hot smoke or bake/steam and glaze before flashing off at higher heat.