UK BBQ Mag Winter 2016/2017 - Page 69


John’s ‘Easy like Sunday Mornin’ Bacon (a version)

All quantities grams per kg of belly

Spice Block:

good coffee 10

grated orange peel 40

soft dark br sugar 25

salt/nitrite mix 25

fresh gr black pepper 5


Add 200ml boiling water to the coffee, and allow to steep, then strain and add grated peel, sugar, pepper and salt/cure mix to dissolve and cool.

Add mix to bag and insert belly.

Seal and then agitate and rub bag until whole belly well covered.

Sit in chiller and turn and rub again each day for required time.

Remove from bag, wipe of excess moisture and sit on rack for up to one week.

Slice and enjoy fried very (very) gently until done (dont crisp too much) and served on good toasted bread.