UK BBQ Mag Winter 2016/2017 - Page 51

summerhouse/extra dining room/kitchen/sanctuary all rolled into one! You can plan a BBQ party without even looking at the weather forecast. It's the best stress reliever money can buy. We've had the most wonderful lazy mornings in there with a cooked breakfast, afternoon teas, it's not just used in the evening or at weekends. I completely understand how these buildings became so popular in Scandinavia with their lifestyle trend revolving around the concept of Hygge. A grillkota is for me the definition of Hygge... it brings family and friends together but you can equally get the enjoyment alone, I regularly just relax in there by myself but still feel 'hugged' by the cosiness of the building and how relaxing it is.

What advice would you give to someone looking to buy a grillkota?

Join the group and just do it!! People often have reservations about the cost but when you think about the long term benefits they are fantastic value for money and don't depreciate in value like most luxuries.

Make sure to head over to the Grillkota Owners Club - UK Facebook Page to find out more

Thank you to members of the group who helped with photos and quotes.

"Our Grillkota has given us the most relaxed and sociable space for entertaining family and friends of all ages. We are enjoying experimenting with different types of food on the grill without being stuck in the kitchen away from all the fun. We love our hut" - Louise