UK BBQ Mag Winter 2016/2017 - Page 38

Raising the Steaks

There are so many ways of cooking steak al fresco, we sometimes go on autopilot and stick with the same method we are used to. This article will hopefully remind you that there are plenty of ways of cooking a steak and that it's fun to experiment and change things up every so often.

Some techniques will be obvious to you, others might be new, either way, give them a try as the results are great and since when did anyone need an excuse to go cook steak?

I had the rather fantastic task of cooking 7 steaks, 7 different ways and photographing the results to cover the next handful of pages. This beautiful meat was sourced from James at JL Butchers and the quality of the 31 day dry-aged Limousine was obvious from the moment he delivered it.

Some of the steaks were cooked in slightly similar ways, so they've been covered under the same category, but you can look forward to: dirty sirloin, dirty afterburner ribeye, afterburner fillet, grilled T-Bone, reverse seared rump and finally griddled hangar and flank.

Duncan Meyers