UK BBQ Mag Winter 2016/2017 - Page 31


8. Before cold smoking fish it is really important to ensure they are dried properly. Curing fish using the dry salting method reduces moisture and will usually require rinsing. Allowing the fish time to dry is good practice and allows a thin salt/protein glaze to form on the surface which is called the pellicle.

9. If you want to produce smoke without producing much heat I would recommend using either the ProQ cold smoke generator if you have a small smoker, or the ProQ artisan cold smoke generator which is slightly larger model and useful for a larger smoker. Both work well with wood dust and only add a few degrees Celsius when used with a box approx. 600mm cubed.

10. If you are using a smoke pipe to duct smoke into your cold smoker and are having difficulty keeping the temperature of the smoke to a minimum you can extend the pipe as this will allow the smoke to lose more heat as it travels along the length of pipe. If this is not a practical solution, you can add wet towels over the smoke pipe, this will assist in taking the heat out of the smoke allowing it to cool further.

"Always ensure you use fresh produce when cold smoking"