UK BBQ Mag Winter 2016/2017 - Page 25


...and how about caramelised pineapple

for dessert?!

Take four slices of fresh pineapple, sprinkle with icing sugar and place them on the grills. When caramelised, turn them over and do the same on the other side. Serve with a drizzle of spirit (I used home-made sloe gin) and a little cream. Delicious.

Once you’ve got everything ready, lay the table and light the coals. Take a skewer and gently thread on the marinated pork, pepper and onion. Brush on any left-over marinade. When the coals are ready, put the skewer rack with the pork kebabs on top and cook for about 15-20 minutes, turning every four minutes. Once cooked, remove the skewer rack and place the grill on top of the coals to cook the flatbreads.

To serve, put a flatbread onto your plate, spoon on some raita, remove the pork from the skewer, sprinkle with some chopped coriander and add some leaves, slaw and your favourite relish. Tuck in.