UK BBQ Mag Winter 2015/2016 - Page 26

In the UK BBQ market, bigger often means better for the buying public.

With cooking influences coming from many different countries (the most recent and well known being the U.S. with their low'n'slow style of cooking embraced nationwide) outdoor cooks have been looking for a big grill that can cook at a consistently low temperature for long periods of time, and in no time at all be ramped up to over 600 degrees to sear the perfect steak.

This trend has created a lot of competition and choice, especially in the higher end of the market where Ceramic style grills start at about £600 and quickly head towards the four-figure territory.

Monolith (supplier of grills to @theribman) are a recent entree,

joining the likes of more established brands such as Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe.

The New Portable Grill

As manufacturers have looked to offer more choice in the way of

different sized grills, some of the more recent products have included smaller, more portable options (BGE Mini and MiniMax being fine examples) to allow people to take their grill on the road, and maybe more importantly for city dwellers and those that don't have the space at home for such enormous grills, to still be able to join in on the action.

This has all resulted in a new niche being created, that of the Premium portable BBQ.

What was once a last minute decision to buy a disposable BBQ, or even a cheap "buy once, buy twice" grill that would barely last the summer, has now developed into a much more refined area, where grills are bought for travel/camping, small households, balcony dwellers,