UK BBQ Mag Winter 2015/2016 - Page 22

What's in a sausage and why is that so great!

When you eat any meat, you always long for it to be perfectly seasoned, juicy, tender and, important yet so rare, even throughout in all these respects when it's finished cooking. That is what is so great about sausages – when made and cooked right they just tick all of these boxes, every time.

Even better is that they come in great little packages, a multitude of flavours and, given all the effort and care, not to mention prime naturally raised meat, that goes into ours, they are also pretty unbeatable value.

So, on to the cooking...

First, what not to do

We need to be clear about the 'wrong' way to cook a sausage. Unfortunately this is probably the most common method and can often lead to disappointing, or at least less than optimum, results.

Your sausage, just as with other cuts of meat, will shrink and contract in direct relation to the amount of heat it is subjected to and the amount of time it is exposed to that heat. If you cook a sausage over a high heat it will, understandably, shrink considerably drying out the exterior or even splitting whilst potentially leaving the centre uncooked.

Too high a temperature will also liquefy the fat content that has been so carefully mixed into your sausage to keep it moist and juicy, if this liquefies and leaks out into the pan, onto the grill or elsewhere you will have a dry and crumbly result without all that flavour we went to such trouble to get in there for you.