UK BBQ Mag Winter 2015/2016 - Page 21

Enjoying Sausages

As you may well be aware I take the whole business of researching, developing and crafting our sausages quite seriously! We regularly make over 120 varieties and rising, these are traditional recipes from around the world, others inspired by travels and tastes and some just the crazed invention of a twisted mind.

Sausages though reflect the fact that just about every culture dabbles in the magic that comes with sticking meats, spices, herbs and other flavourful goodies into a perfect little parcel.

Given that we go to so much effort to get everything in that sausage just right we thought we should also go to the effort of explaining just how important it is to cook them properly to keep them juicy, flavourful and so that you can enjoy them at their very best.

Now we are not talking here about recipes, but suffice to say there is far more to sausages than just frying them in a pan. Whole, sliced, crumbled. Poached, grilled, fried, smoked and casseroled. There are a million ideal ways to introduce sausages to a meal. With a sauce, in a sauce, with rice dishes, pasta dishes, Bar-B-Q, stews, bolito misto, soups, choucroute, tagines, hot dogs, pozole, toad in the hole – you name it, there is always room for the right sausage!

I hope to share some of my favourite recipes in future (if the editor sees fit to want them!) but, what we are talking about here is the basic, fundamental principles of cooking the sausages, either to eat on their own or before introducing them to their accompaniment whatever it may be.

how to cook the perfect sausage

John Gower from Quiet Waters Farm, shares his sausage making expertise, and gives a masterclass in how to cook the perfect sausage.