UK BBQ Mag Winter 2015/2016 - Page 11

Get your mates around

Get another perspective on your cooking, I love it when a group of mates come round for some of my food, they always offer an honest critique of the cook, "needs a bit more salt" "cooked a bit longer" etc. and what better way than to share BBQ with friends.


Go Naked

It's all too easy to get wrapped up in temperature probes, gadgets and equipment, and they are invaluable, but sometimes our gut instincts are the best, try cooking without relying on all the gear, and improve your cooks by cooking by using your senses and feel.

Try out new cuts

Sometimes it's easy to get stuck in a rut cooking certain cuts for competition practice eg. Pork Butts and Brisket. Mix things up a bit smoke beef chuck joints, try a whole bone in pork belly.

Keep cooking to keep inspired.



Cook the world

There's plenty of cultures around the world who love cooking over fire, if you feel your BBQ is in a rut, look to other places for inspiration. S. America, S. Africa, Middle East, Europe and Far East.