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Why the hell would you want to spend 10 or more hours cooking anything!

What's not to like, fire, food and the drink of choice. When you introduce good company then you have all the ingredients you need for the best days. Silverback Grillers came about, more or less, to be able to enjoy more of those days. We do have a competitive spirit, but BBQ is definitely about more than the competition. Sure getting a walk is awesome, but the spirit of the “BBQ family” is what keeps us coming back.

Anthony Bourdain said "BBQ may not be the road to world peace, but it's a start"

It was great to see Andy Williams pictures of his travels in the southern US and particularly a community cook, where they had 300 butts on the pit. One of my BBQ goals is to create something similar here.

The Silverback Grillers met at the inaugural Big Meat which started life as a community cook. We were then both looking to compete when TBM morphed from community BBQ to IBQN sanctioned competition and so began the adventures of Silverback Grillers. We will be cooking on Traeger grills this year and looking forward to experimenting with the different flavour profiles and versatility of the grills. We are excited to have some key sponsors on-board this year with JL Butchers and Angus & Oink thanks to James, Scott & Kelly. We are looking forward to working with them

For new comers to BBQ choosing your first smoker can be quite daunting

Spend as much you can afford on your first smoker -the age old debate between WSM and PRO-Q, choose your horse, both work.

If you have the skills build a UDS if not Bristol Drum Smokers and Hog Heaven BBQ make it a work of art

If you decide to go for an offset smoker or stick burner then you either need to spend money or be good at modifying it to keep it from leaking everywhere. The entry level is probably Oklahoma Joe if you know for sure this style of cooking is for you then BBQ Mates should be high on the list.

It's really about what style of cooking you want to do. from the plug and play of pellet smokers to the more needy feeding of stick burners. somewhere in the middle sit the bullet smokers and then the drums and bullets with forced air.

Look forward to seeing you at an event this year, come say Hi!

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This Issues featured BBQ competition team is the Silverback Grillers, Tim Donald and Nick Snelling, here they pass on some words of wisdom for new BBQ'ers on choosing a smoker.