UK BBQ Mag Summer 2017 - Page 84

Introduction to the 10 Best U.S. BBQ Rubs

One thing I love is that there is so much information available on the web about BBQ – just do a search on Google or YouTube, and you’ll find enough reading or viewing material to book you solid for the next 5 years at least.
Personally, I don’t get as much time to surf the web as I would like, but when I do, I like saving interesting articles that capture other people’s views and opinions about BBQ and the products we offer. There is so much going in BBQ that I’m always learning.
To assist in your continued learning, I’m occasionally going to offer up some good articles I’ve found online in future issues of the UK BBQ Mag (with appropriate acknowledgement and thanks, of course). Apart from translating the articles to real English – please, don’t get me started on American spelling  - and adding some links where appropriate, I offer up these articles largely untouched. I hope you find them edumacational edukashunal good.
Enjoy your BBQ!!
Richard Orme
Founder, BBQ Gourmet

The 10 Best U.S. BBQ Rubs
Rubs are a key component to great BBQ, introducing flavours that complement the natural taste of food or ramping it up and taking it in new directions. Some are relatively simple, comprised of just salt, pepper, and a few herbs and spices, while others are more complex, bringing together layers of flavours from around the world.
But what makes one rub better than another? If you look at the label, most BBQ rubs use similar, if not identical, ingredients. What separates the best from the rest is the quality of those ingredients and the balance of the blend.
At BBQ Gourmet, we’re fortunate. Not only do we have access to high-quality BBQ rubs that aren’t available in stores elsewhere in Europe, but we get to sample everything that comes through the door, including seasonings from the biggest names in BBQ and grilling. The ones we love, we use religiously and recommend to anyone who asks. While we truly like every rub we carry, some stand out.

Best Go-To BBQ Rubs
Everyone needs a versatile go-to rub that, with just a few magical sprinkles, can make almost anything taste better. Keep it in your cupboard and reach for it when in doubt.
A great balance of sweet and spicy, Three Little Pigs Kansas City Championship Rub fits the bill of a go-to BBQ rub. In fact, it’s our go-to competition rub. Made by Chris Marks, 8-time Grand Champion of the American Royal, Three Little Pigs KC Championship is fantastic on everything from brisket to pulled pork and chicken.
It’s a funny thing, but Plowboys ‘Yardbird’ Rub was originally created for chicken (and, no surprise, it tastes incredible on poultry). However, it turned out that ‘Yardbird’ was even better on pork. That type of serendipity has led ‘Yardbird’ to become one of the most popular all-around BBQ rubs. Because it’s on the saltier side, ‘Yardbird’ can even be used on beef.

Best Spicy BBQ Rubs
BBQ and heat go great together, which is why you see so many spicy BBQ rubs on the market. In terms of intensity, they run the gamut from eye-watering hot to a subtle heat that builds over time. Not everyone will agree, but we’re not fans of hot-for-the-sake-of-hot rubs. However intense or mild a rub is, it should ultimately taste good and add to the overall flavour.
If you’re looking for a flavourful rub that has a decent kick, you can’t go wrong with Smoking Guns Hot Rub. Great on just about anything, many BBQ'ers swear by it on brisket. It probably won’t give you the sniffles like some of the hotter rubs out there, but it should satisfy your desire for