UK BBQ Mag Summer 2017 - Page 68

Yeah I'd love to try it, it's like beech, we don't have birch in the stores, we have birch trees in the Northern states, fruitwoods are very popular, particularly appla nd cherry, we have a really big competition scene going on in the US, I think you do too Cherry is considered the one you have to use for the colour, it really creates a deeper mahogany colour which is really important for good scores and the flavour too

I love cherry it's got a nice sweetness...your books are associated with Weber, do you cook solely on Weber, or do you have any other bits of kit you use as well? Do you think the kit you cook on is important or it doesn't really matter?

It's all a matter of controlling the fire and the smoke, and I grew up with a weber, it's what my dad had, then for the past 20 years I've been working with the company, so I'm spoilt, they send me new ones all the time, it would be ridiculous for me to go out and buy another brand at this point, I just got

used to it, I know that there are other great grils out there, but for me I'm just very comfortable with the Webers, I recently started to cook on the new charcoal summit, I think you might have that in the UK, it's an expensive piece of equipment but if you're really into BBQ, I think this would be a fantastic choice because it holds the temperature better than any other product that I've cooked on, you can use one chimney of charcoal and it'll last 4 or 5 hours easily, it's a really high quality grill

at this point I only use webers, unless I'm going to the park and they have those public grills, but I'm a Weber guy

I recently went to the local recycling centre and found a little Weber go anywhere, it looked like it had been used once and left, it was £3, in the original box with a beautiful manual in it, II looked at the date from that, 1981, it was in perfect condiiton apart from the grate, reallyl traditional old school pictures and techniques but it was still relevant with some good recipes in, I love it that bit of kit had survived, it was almost as old as I am, which is a testament to Weber kit, and it's good to shout about it.

Thank you Jamie, really appreciate having a chat with you. Jamie has kindly shared three awesome recipes from the book on the next pages to whet your apetite, if you fancy any more, you'll just have to go out and buy the book!

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