UK BBQ Mag Summer 2017 - Page 105


Meat the Butcher

Mark Burley

My fav cut at moment are the Pig Wings with Jacobs Ladders being a close second.. The wings are great with Oakridge Beef & Pork rub, smoked then braised with cider and a final cook mopping with sauce...

I got into smoking myself after talking a fair bit with Mark from Ditch Brisket who was first person to come to me asking to supply/cut things a 'bit' differently to the traditional methods in UK. Then it wasn't too long before we started getting a few messages on Facebook asking to send products out on couriers. The BBQ market has really made a difference to our business especially during the summer months when traditionally things are a little harder for us butchers.

As for the future, I am seeing a shift in peoples shopping habits especially the younger generations in that they want to know where their meat comes from etc. and with more people getting into low n slow bbq they want the cuts that are suitable.

We see our mail order side growing all the time which does put other pressures on us like getting web sorted but at the moment most seem happy to order via socail media portals. The only down side of this market is the courier services, not just the costs involved but the fact that once it's left us really its in the hands of the gods...

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Mark runs Bob's Family Butchers in Hatfield Hertfordshire, Mark has become one of the main suppliers to the UK BBQ community, taking on board the needs of BBQ'ers, and it has been great to see his business develop with this relationship.

"The BBQ market has really made a difference to our business"