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Many of us will know the fear and dread that comes when considering asking that all important question to our beloved partner. How do I set the scene? Should I give her flowers? When should I ask? How should I ask? And what if it goes horribly wrong and she says 'No! You can't have another grill!'

Fortunately for me my business is about food, clean food to be specific and my long suffering wife-to-be Bonnie also knows that experiments in the kitchen, indoors or out, usually end up with something tasty on the table. You see I'm an evangelist of something called Clean Eating, I help people get away from pre-packed, convenience and highly processed meals and get them back in the kitchen. Being that we've all only been cooking in ovens for about 60 or so years, to me cooking over a live flame is kind of the epicentre of the clean eating theorem.

So she said yes, I can buy the Jumbuck Rotisserie Grill that I'd seen in Homebase. I'd been hunting about for a decent quality electric rotisserie to retro fit to my grill for a while and I'd narrowed the search to a couple, both retailing around £30. Then I saw this cute little grill, apparently decent quality with a rotisserie that takes up to 15kg, and it was under 40 quid! Of course I had to have it!

What's in the box? A lightweight, portable, black powder coated steel base with legs. A stainless steel grill that is a surprisingly useful 32X55 cm cooking area. And a mains powered, height adjustable, 15kg rotisserie with counter weight.

At the time of writing this I've owned my jolly Jumbuck for a week and used it 4 times already, always with lumpwood, and it's turned out some great results! However, first time around I roasted a 1.3kg chicken, it took three hours, came off uncooked in the middle and was mighty frustrating. I added some old ash plates I had, to allow the coals to breathe a bit better, and second time around with better heat I did the same size chicken to perfection in 2 hours. In fact that's the only fault I have for this little grill, it's missing an ash catcher or grate to stop the coals choking up. Easily resolved with the purchase of a cake cooling rack or something similar.

In its favour is the price, quality and the fact that you can unattach the spit arms, throw it in the boot of the car and take it to the beach as we did, much to the envy of the disposable BBQ brigade who were busy burning their sausages over poison fumes while we gently flamed some Tiger Prawns in the sun.

All in all, a highly recommended useful little grill that's going to see a lot of use in my backyard, and the beach and probably the park over the summer! Ask with flowers, get one in and while you're at it check out what I do at


Eat clean, live lean!

Jumbuck on the Beach

The CountryWoodSmoke Facebook Group is always a flurry of activity in the Spring with lots of exciting new BBQ equipment appearing, members of the group are quick to spot any good deals. One recent bit of kit that was jumped on by Alex Rogers a proessional chef and passionate BBQ'er was the Jumbuck Rotisserie from Homebase. He shares his initial thoughts and experiences with the Jumbuck here.