UK BBQ Mag Summer 2016 - Page 90


A keystone species, its foliage and fruit sustain the animals of the Kalahari. It was considered the "Tree of Life" by some of the San families. This wood is known as the ‘’kuier/brandewyn drinkers firewood and has a great bushveld smell.

Kameeldoring has the lowest moisture content of any wood as it’s baked by the African sun to between 0 to 1 % moisture content.

Amazing long burn times, virtually zero smoke production, no wasted energy burning off extra moisture and the very best return in calorific value terms that money can buy - the 20kg bag is roughly equivalent to 3 or 4 large nets of seasoned domestic firewood.

The common name Camel Thorn is loosely translated from the Afrikaans name “Kameeldoring”, coming from kameelperd (giraffe).

Our firewood is taken from the branches that fall from the trees due to their exceptional weight. Axes must be seriously sharp to split this firewood!

Kameeldoring burns with minimal flame, a musky aromatic fragrance and creates serious amounts of charcoal. This is a superb cooking wood, is perfect for fire pits and chimeras and has exceptionally long burn time!

Braaiwood UK is based in Ascot, Berkshire. After years of persuasion, I took the risk of importing my 1st container of wood and have been importing and supplying braai wood / fire wood for the past 4 years. I'm already supplying to a number of South African shops, butchers, wholesalers and online retailers with excellent feedback from customers about the quality and quantity of my wood.

My wood is perfect African Firewood which can be used on BBQ's / Braai's, Pizza Ovens and Wood Stoves or Burners. My wood is also an excellent Pizza Oven Fire Wood which produces much more coals and maintains the heat better than an English or Italian Hardwood.

The biggest selling point is that the moisture content is below 1% compared to most English woods that range from 10 – 25%.

I supply 4 different types of wood in either 10 or 20kg bags that can be shipped anywhere within the UK & Europe.

Kameeldoring – Camel thorn

A large umbrella shaped tree with feathery foliage. From the African savannas where it a favourite that is browsed by elephants and giraffe. Kameeldoring can range from 2 m up to 20m high, it can be scrubby or a massive tree. The bark is grey to blackish brown, deeply furrowed, young branch lets shiny reddish brown.

The spines are strongly developed, almost straight up to 6 cm in length with swollen bases, whitish or brown. A large thorn-tree, endemic to the semi-desert regions of Southern Africa